The water and sanitation initiative is one of the main programs undertaken by the Department of Health. Through this program, the department ensures an adequate supply of potable and clean drinking water to various Tibetan Settlements, Schools, and Health Care Centers. This provision of potable and clean drinking water in addition to clean and hygienic sanitation facilities constitutes a major factor in the promotion of Public Health in our exile Tibetan community.
For the facilitation of potable drinking water and clean sanitation facilities, the department by coordinating with the community members has established: Construction of water tanks, drilling of bore-wells, Laying of Pipeline, Construction and renovation of toilets, modern Drainage system, Septic tanks, Recharge pits etc.
Currently the main donor of this water and sanitation initiative is the PRM, US. Individual donor like Yeshi Norbu who also has been of great assistance in the success of these and similar projects.
Some of the recent projects carried out under this program in the year 2019
• Submersible pump at camp 5 in Odisha benefits water supply of 110 households.
• Construction of new community toilet has been beneficial especially during the long-prayer sessions held together by the entire 22 villages at the H.H The Dalai Lama’s palace hill.
• At Mundgod DTR Hospital, a replacement of pipeline has been carried out.
• Renovation of toilets in schools of Bandara, Bylakuppe, Odisha and Mussoorie were carried out.
• A new drainage system along the roads was constructed at Kamrao.
• In Kollegal, eight new individual toilets were constructed.
• An overhead tank of height 10ft with a capacity of 1500 liter was constructed at Miao clinic.
• Three check dams were constructed in Mainpat to improve water table.
• Community toilets were constructed in Kagyu monastery in Bylakuppe.
• Replacement of bore well at E village and construction of submersible pump of T village in Kollegal.
• Construction of staff quarter at Miao clinic.
• Repair of 23 hand pumps and submersible pumps were done in Leh Sonamling.
• Construction of 19 and renovation of 10 toilets were carried out in Leh Sonamling.
• Construction of 3 solar composite toilets in Jangthang were carried out in Leh Sonamling.
• 2 hand wash station installed at T.C.V Menlha school.
Some of the recent projects carried out under this program in the year 2020
• Recharge pits were constructed in some of the arid Tibetan Settlements.
• 14 recharge pits at Hunsur, 25 at Mundgod and 2 in Bhandara settlement.
• Renovation of Toilets at Hunsur school was carried out.
• Community toilets were constructed in Miao, Mainpat, and camp 3 of Mundgod.
• Four toilets, two washrooms and water storage was constructed in Odisha school.
• A set of four household toilets were constructed in Hunsur.
• Renovation of sewerage of Pre-primary school of camp 2 Mundgod was carried out.
• An overhead tank capacity of 32k liters at Ngoenga school was constructed.
• A set of six toilets, three urinals and water tank capacity of 200l were constructed near the Hunsur playground.
• Construction of drainage system in Tsering Dhonden, Dekyiling and renovation of sewerage of Hunsur Phende Hospital was carried out.
• Gangchen Kyishong’s pipeline has been shifted and a storeroom for the same has been constructed.

Division of work
Small kids washing their hands at the newly handwash station in Ladakh
2 Hand wash station cum drinking water station has been installed in T.C.V Menlha School and other at Govt. middle school at Nyoma as a sign of goodwill gesture to host community since 7 of Jangthang Tibetan community belongs to Nyoma block.
kids using the hand wash station cum drinking water station has been installed
Solar water heater installed near the newly constructed
Indian toilets constructed in Ladakh Tibetan community
Renovation of Tolilet in C.S.T Bylakuppe
Before and after renovation of Bandara School toilets
Community rest room in Kagyu Monastry Bylakuppe
Newly constructed toilets at camp 3 of Odisha Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement
Individual toilets in Kollegal Dhondenling Settlement
Check dams constructed at Mainpat in 2019
Community Toilets in Kollegal Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement
Drainage system in Kamrao Kham Kathok Tibetan Settlement
Two sets of toilets constructed in all five camps of Miao Choephelling Tibetan Settlement
Recharge pits being reviewed at Hunsur Rabgyaling Tibetan Settlement
Individual toilets successfully completed at Hunsur Rabgyaling Tibetan Settlement
Mundgod Doeguling recharge pits being reviewed by the settlement officer Mr. Lhakpa Tsering
Urinals of the newly constructed toilet in C.S.T Gurupura school Hunsur