Water and Sanitation Projects

The Water and Sanitation Program is one of the main programs undertaken by the Department. Through this program, the Department ensures adequate supply of safe and clean drinking water in the Tibetan settlements, schools, monasteries, nunneries, etc. Provision of safe and clean drinking water, in addition to clean and hygienic sanitation facilities, constitutes a major factor in the promotion of public health in the exile community.

            Provision of safe drinking water and clean sanitation facilities commonly includes the following: construction of water tanks; drilling of bore wells; water management training; laying of water pipeline; construction and renovation of toilets, bathrooms, drainage, septic tanks and garbage disposal; provision of  water filtration tanks and treatment plants like Reverse Osmosis plant (RO), etc.


Renovation of Tolilet in C.S.T Bylakuppe
Construction of new Staff quarter at Miao Clinic
Renovation of Bandara School toilets
Community rest room in Kagyu Monastry Bylakuppe
Bore well drilled in Odisha Tibetan Settlement
Lobersing Toilets
Individual toilets in Kollegal Dhondenling Settlement
Check Dams at mainpat
Community Toilets in Kollegal Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement
Drainage system in Kamrao Kham Kathok Tibetan Settlement