HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

The Department carries out HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in various Tibetan communities through its network of hospitals and health centers. As the awareness campaign about HIV/AIDS (and substance abuse) is primarily focused on young people, special funding assistance is provided to schools for initiating activities like drawing and essay competitions themed on those topics. The Department also publishes educational materials in Tibetan and English and distribute them free in both Tibetan and local Indian communities. Counseling training based on both modern and traditional systems of medical care is provided to health staff so as to make
them more competent in dealing with HIV/AIDS patients. These trainings include stages and process of counseling, building up of values and attitude as a counselor, counseling on prevention of disease transmission, as well as pre- and post-test counseling, etc.

            Under this program, the Department not only provides free medication to all HIV/AIDS patients. It also provides financial support for various other medical expenses like conveyance, room rent, daily allowance, expenses of a helper, etc., incurred on visiting the Integrated Counselling and Testing Center and Antiretroviral Treatment Center located in the nearest city or town hospital.