Health Education and Training

The Health Education Division has been playing a crucial role in improving the overall health status of Tibetans living in exile by creating awareness about health issues since its inception in the mid-eighties. Special focus is paid on increasing the knowledge of the general public regarding the prevention of communicable diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS, etc. It is mainly responsible for designing, publication, and distribution of health education materials like posters, pamphlets, brochures, and videos. It also regularly conducts various culturally relevant and evidence-based awareness campaigns in different Tibetan schools, settlements, and monasteries.

                        Marking Important Health Days, like the World’s TB Day, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS Day, in all Tibetan settlements is a major responsibility of this Division. It also provides funding to all the health centers and schools to organize such events. It provides training and workshops to community health workers and the general public regarding disease prevention and health promotion activities. As of March 2013, a series of brochures on reproductive cancers is being specifically designed for future women health training programs. This division thus plays a significant role in promoting health awareness among the Tibetan population living across Indian and Nepal.