Tibetan Torture Survivors Program

The illegal occupation of Tibet by The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the year 1959, led to cultural and religious suppression and political oppression. As a result, thousands of monasteries were destroyed. Tens of thousands of tibetans were killed and many were denied of the basic human rights.

Eventually Tibetans were forced to stand against the CCP. Many died in the prison and some managed to escape in exile. Even if they were able to escape, many of them were mentally, emotionally and physically effected by the post trauma. Therefore keeping this in mind Department of Health initially started this program in 1991 to provide social and medical support to rehabilitate the Tibetan Torture victims in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Since inception of this program it has benefited over 700 victims. With the immigration program of Tibetan torture victims to Australia currently in 2020 we are supporting eight torture victims. Reach out to this section at the email address [email protected]