Construction and Renovation at Branch Centers
The Department of Health, CTA was established in 1981, with the need of central authority overlooking then already established health centers and clinics at the settlements across India and Nepal. As of 2021, there are seven hospitals, five primary health centers, and 31 Clinics. So these centers from time to time need occasional renovations and construction of new blocks. These activities are coordinated with the secretaries of branch centers by this section.
Construction and renovation of Playgrounds and Open gyms
As Tibetans living in India are increasingly adopting a sedentary lifestyle because of the shift like their occupation, and availability of modern transport system, leading to the rapid rise of various serious health problems. Further! physical inactivity, increasing tobacco use, poor diet, and nutrition becoming part of today’s lifestyle which have become significant factors contributing to rising mortality in the adult population in our Tibetan community.
A study in 2012 by the Department through Health Information System (HIS) showed Hypertension and Diabetes related conditions were among the top causes of death in the Tibetan community in India. DoHe-CTA HIS also reported that hypertension is the leading reason for footfalls at DoHe-CTA health facilities. Similarly, Tibetan Medicare System (TMS) morbidity data from the claim database also shows that NCDs account for the majority of TMS participants who claim reimbursements.
A 2019 report on the non-communicable disease of the Department of Health, CTA mentions that the average body mass index (BMI) of the 11847 participants above 18 years was 26.27. 95% of the participants in the study were Tibetans from North, South, Central, and North-East India and their average age were 51.03 years. The average BMI of the survey above 25 is a concerning health issue.
Hence, we aim to promote health in a new way through combining outdoor exercise, natural light, and an open-air environment which act as a therapeutic landscape that contributes to preventing various health problems associated with lifestyle-related diseases and also encourages healthy behaviors such as socializing, strengthening community and interpersonal relationships while exercising. This particularly provides opportunities for the adults and seniors to recreate and participate in physical activity outdoors which is accessible, and easy to operate without supervision from fitness experts or trainers. The project of setting up open gyms in our settlements began in the year 2017 and so far the Tibetans in the settlements of all ages appreciate and enjoy its benefits on daily basis.
Procurement of Medical equipment
Procurement of medical equipment are monitored and coordinated at these centers is also carried out by the desk.

Hunsur Hospital with newly constructed roof
Renovated roofs at Hunsur staff quarter
Renovated roofs at Hunsur staff quarter
Ronovated roofs at Hunsur staff quarter
Mainpat staff quarter
Newly constructed Clinic at Hertperpur
Construction of TPHC at Hertperpur
Doctors Quarter under construction at Miao
Miao Doctors quarter construction completed
Washroom area of the Doctor quarter
Mainpat staff quarter
Living area of Mainpat staff quarter
Kitchen of Mainpat Staff Quarter
Open gym at Bylakuppe Dekyi Larso Tibetan Settlement
Open gym at Bylakuppe Dekyi Larso Tibetan Settlement
Tibetans in Ladakh exercising at the open gym facility
Open gyms at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement
Open gym in Ladakh
Bylakuppe Lugsam Tibetans exercising at open gym
Mainpat Tibetans exercising at the open gym
A kid in Odisha Tibetan Settlement exercising at the open gym
Open gym in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement
Open gym in Hunsur Tibetan Settlement
Open gyms at Bhandara Norgyeling Tibetan Settlement
Tibetan member of parliament on inaugural ceremony of the open gyms in Hunsur Tibetan Settlement
Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay on inaugural ceremony of the open gym at Kollegal Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement
People exercising in the evening at the open gyms in Hunsur Rabgyeling Tibetan settlement
Health Kalon Mr Choekyong Wangchuk during the inaugural ceremony of Delek Gym in Dharamsala
Open gym in Kollegal Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement
Delek Gym in Dharamsala
Biochemistry Analyzer purchased at Mundgod
Medical equipments purchased at Odisha