Health Information System (HIS) 


In order to understand the overall health status of the Tibetans in exile, we need a strong and reliable system of data collection that can effectively monitor the burden and distribution of diseases at regular intervals. In collaboration with the John Hopkins School of Public Health, the Department launched the current Health Information System in 2011. This project is funded by PRM grant (through Tibet Fund) and the Gere Foundation.

            The Department provided HIS training to its staff members that focused on evaluation and monitoring tools. The computerized health information system, which is currently operational in 18 health centers, collect and send monthly electronic data to the Department. About 24 other smaller and remotely located health centers, including those in Nepal, submit the paper version of HIS by post. The Department in turn feeds these data into our main database.

            In order to assess the efficacy of HIS, the Department recently carried out an evaluation exercise in all Tibetan health centers located across South India. The Department is currently planning to upgrade the HIS system to produce better quality data and to make it more user friendly.