Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Adolescence Child Health

There has been a significant improvement in the overall status of maternal and child health in the exile Tibetan community. Mothers today are far better aware about the importance of immunization for preventing diseases and the proper growth of their children. Under this program, following services are provided.

  • Free Antenatal services for pregnant women like micronutrients, TT vaccine, test for hemoglobin, blood group, blood sugar, Hep-B, HIV/AIDS, VDRL, Malaria, urine microscopic, glucose, USG etc through the branch health centers. In areas where there are no DOH centers, reimbursement is provided for bills incurred for the above services from private hospitals.
  • All children under five are provided free MMR, Hep B and Hib vaccination in areas where there is lack of access to GOI services and arrangement is also made to avail free GOI vaccines BCG, DPT, Measles and oral polio drop through the branch health centers. Babies born to mothers infected with Hepatitis B are provided free Hep B Immunoglobulin vaccination.
  • Traditional Micronutrients for pregnant women and children through Mentseekhang branch clinics.
  • Children Nutritional program. 
  • Cervical cancer screening projects.
  • Free HPV vaccination.
  • Community outreach campaigns and awareness on RMNCHA issues for pregnant women and families .
  • Health education in Nunneries.
  • Gynecologist and Pediatrician visit projects.
  • Health workers and community workshops on RMNCHA issues.
  • Safe delivery training.

 The adolescent health was launched in 2015 as an integral part of reproductive health. Since then, various trainings, educational materials, awareness programs and activities were launched in 29 schools in India and Nepal.

Some of the projects are

1 Adolescent health, life skill and POCSO Related Workshops for nodal teachers and counsellers

2 Peer Workshops 

3 Anemia Prevention Project

4 Awareness adolescent Activities

5 Rewa Adolescent booklet and CBSE NIMHANS  lifeskill book distribution

6 Menstrual Pad Project


Achala program in Dharamsala
Achala project in Miao
Achala project in Miao
Adolescent health workshops for teachers
Adolescent awareness for school students
Adolescent health education
Adolescent health education
Adolescent training counselors
Anemia screening at CVP School
Anemia screening in Mundgod
Talk at Chauntara
HPV vaccination for school girls
HPV vaccination for school girls
Adolescent health education
Health talk for men in Miao
Male workshop on RMNCHA
POCSO awareness with SOS foster parents
Menstrual pad vending machine for schools
Menstrual pads incinerator
Mental health Nurse Mundgod
Reproductive health awareness in Nunneries
Reproductive health talk for nuns
RMNCHA awareness
Nutritional health talk in Ladakh
Pediatric visit, Hunsur
RMNCHA talks for mothers, Bylakuppe
peer group Paonta
UTCV guys talk