Mother and Child Health and Reproductive Health Program (MCHRP)

Since the launch of the MCH and Reproductive Health Program of the Department, there has been a significant improvement in the overall status of maternal and child health in the exile Tibetan community. Mothers today are far better aware of the importance of immunization for preventing diseases and the proper growth of their children. There is as such universal immunization coverage in all Tibetan settlements. Under this program, all pregnant women receive free vaccine and medical tests related to hemoglobin, blood group, blood sugar, Hep-B, HIV/AIDS, VDRL, Malaria, urine microscopic, glucose, etc. Similarly, all children under five are provided free MMR, Hep B, and Hib vaccination, in addition to the universal immunization program that includes BCG, DPT, Measles, and oral polio drop. Babies born to mothers infected with Hepatitis B are provided Free Hep B Immunoglobin vaccination.

Moreover, all pregnant women receive a free supply of micronutrients (Iron, Folic Acid/Calcium) for one year, along with two free ultrasonography tests during pregnancy. Micronutrients based on the traditional system of medicine are also provided to mothers and children. To facilitate greater access to better medical care during childbirth, the program provides financial support to all those who are admitted to outside hospitals for delivery. The most economically vulnerable mothers are provided with free baby bags for new mothers. All the pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are also provided nutritional supplements for healthy child growth.

In addition to frequent reproductive health awareness campaigns, the program also undertakes special projects like cervical cancer screening project for all married women and gynecological training to community health workers, etc