Zero cases reported in Tibetan community for a third successive week

106th COVID-19 Task-Force Briefing

Dharamshala: The Central Covid Taskforce Committee declared zero Covid cases in the Tibetan community of India and Nepal with no quarantined individuals and dispersion of sorig immune boosters during the last seven days at its 106th briefing.

Taskforce Committee member Tenzin Sonam updated the vaccination report of Tibetan community in India and Nepal, mentioning 50,121 fully vaccinated Tibetans above 18 and 328 partially jabbed Tibetans in India. Whereas, in the case of Nepal, 7,029 Tibetans were completely inoculated, while 109 eligible Tibetans below 17 in Nepal were also wholly injected with covid vaccines. As of children between 12 to17 years age-group in India, 1,592 received both shots, while 372 got vaxxed with only the first dose. At the same time, 3,721 elderly Tibetans in India and 216 in Nepal received booster shots along with 594 Tibetan front liners from the abovementioned countries.

Despite further improvements in the Covid situation across globe, Sonam appraised audiences about the scientific estimates of a possible fourth wave appearance around June, alerting everyone to continue wearing a mask, especially amidst the crowds.

Apart from that, he presented a brief introduction about the Health Department’s substance abuse prevention and rehab program, which provides total financial aid for the rehabilitation of destitute and orphan Tibetans, while for others, fifty per cent aid will be accommodated from the department. He also urged authorities of the settlements to report and contact drug abused Tibetans to CTA’s Health Department for de-addiction.

Furthermore, under the HIV/AIDS prevention and care program, Health Department supports infected persons with medication as well as monthly three thousand rupees for subsistence. Hence, he advised Tibetans to seek medical examination without hesitantly and urged others to abstain from discriminating against infected people.

Given the Covid crises in countries like China despite worldwide recovery, Dr Jigmey Kalsang of Delek Hospital appealed everyone to strictly follow the Covid protocols following the Taskforce member Tenzin Sonam. She further instructed guardians to vaccinate their children between 12 and 14 years of age as soon as possible.