Youth focused series of discussions on important Mental Health topics

The Department of Health, CTA, with support from PRM and in collaboration with Tibetan Mental Health is going to organize a virtual series of discussions on various topics related to mental health and wellbeing. The topics were decided based on the feedback received from 82 Tibetan college-going students and youth who filled our need assessment survey. These will be held in May and June 2021. We are starting this series with the topic, “Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19”, this Saturday, May 1st at 07:00PM. If you are interested, kindly register and we will email you the meeting link individually. The department encourages as many as possible participants from the younger generation Tibetans to seek the awareness on various topics.

Managing Stress and Anxiety During Covid-19
Emotional Intelligence: How to Identify, Describe, and Manage Difficult Emotions
Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Stigma and Cultural Beliefs
Understanding Childhood and Intergenerational Trauma, and Resilience
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships: How to Communicate Effectively and Understanding Each Others’ Needs
Incorporating Meditation and Mindfulness Into Each Day