Tibetans in India Observe World Health Day

Tibetans in Puruwala observed world health day with a yoga session.

As 7 April is marked World Health Day globally, Tibetans in India observed the day with various programmes and activities under the initiative of Tibetan hospitals and clinics in settlements.

Field staff in settlements outshined the dedication to work for the community’s physical and mental wellness by organising health talk to health screenings and CPR training in addition to basketball matches, an open marathon, yoga and exercise session. While aiming towards community’s attention and engagement prioritising health and wellness on a daily basis, Tibetan Primary Health centres in Dekyiling, Bhandara, Odisha and Hunsur organised a health talk outlining the importance of prioritising health above everything. Furthermore, Tibetans in Dekyiling took part in a marathon and basketball match marking the world health day. Similarly, the primary health center in Bir organised an inter-settlement basketball match amongst three settlements in Bir. Whereas, Tibetans in Paonta observed the day by cleaning the settlement environment followed by an exercise session in the settlement’s open gym. Puruwala Tibetan settlement dedicated a session for yoga in the early morning followed by an open marathon for residents.

Emphasising the importance of undergoing regular health check-ups, health care centres in Kalimpong and Miao conducted a public health check-up. Health centres in Mundgod demonstrated a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a lifesaving potential technique to save someone’s life during emergencies. Tibetans in Tezu observed the world health day by organising various activities mobilising the community towards a healthy lifestyle.

TPHC in Bhandara observed world health by conducting health talk followed by a volley ball match.
Tibetans in Bir observed the World Health Day through Inter settlements basketball match organised by TPHC, Bir.
TPHC in Miao conducted a free health check-up for residents on World Health Day.
Tibetans in Paonta observed World Health day by taking part in the exercise session in an open gym.
TPHC in Dekyiling observed world health day by organising health talk followed by an open marathon race.
TPHC in Hunsur observed World Health Day by organising a health talk for the community members.