As part of the Thank You India 2018 campaign announced by Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan settlements across India marked World Environment Day. The settlements include Paonta Cholsum, Bir Botsog, Samyeling Delhi, Lugsum and Tibetan Dicky Larsoe in Bylakuppe, Kullu Manali, Herbertpur, Dhondenling Kollegal, Phendeling Mainpat, Rabgayling Hunsur, Phunstokling Dalhousie, Tenzingang in Arunachal Pradesh, etc.

Residents of the Tibetan settlements led by the settlement officers and staff, initiated tree planting drives, cleanliness drives, etc. The Tibetan settlement officers also explained the Thank You India campaign to local Indians and expressed the Tibetan people’s gratitude to the people and government of India for hosting His Holiness the Dalai lama and the Tibetan people for the last six decades.

Tibetan settlement office Delhi

Dhondenling Tibetan settlement in Kollegal.

Bon Tibetan Settlement, Dholanji

Chief Representative’s Office, Shimla

Tibetan settlement office Puruwala


Rabgayling in Hunsur, Karnataka.

Paonta Cholsum


Tibetan Dikyi Larsoe in Bylakuppe.

Planting a tree sapling in Phendeling, Mainpat.

Lugsum Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe

Kullu Manali

Tree planting drive by Tibetans at Bir Botsok in Himachal Pradesh.

Tenzingang Tibetan settlement in Arunachal Pradesh.