Tibetan hospitals receive training on COVID-19 vaccine program

Health staff at Miao practicing COVID vacination mockdrill

Dharamshala: As the country prepares to roll out the vaccination drive, 3 hospitals under the Department of Health, CTA have received training from their respective district health facility for COVID 19 vaccination program.

The training programme has been conducted virtually at Phende hospital, Hunsur, while the health staff of Menlha hospital, Miao and Tsojhe khangsar bylakupee have attended the training at CHC Miao and PHC Bylkupee hospital respectively.

The COVID-19 vaccination training was organised by the state government through a district health officer. Orientation on COVID -19 vaccination in Mysore district was organised by Dr. Sughir Nayak, DHO & RCH Officer & SMO WHO on 22nd Dec 2020 for the staff of Phende Hospital, Hunsur. The same training was conducted at PHC Bylakuppe and CHC Miao Government hospital on 5 January 2021 by Dr. Ravi, M.O and Dr Jongsom M.O respectively.

The nurses who took the training have found the sessions informative and the sessions were conducted through PPT presentation, instructive videos, and through interactive discussions.

Key learning from the training was about roles and responsibility of the vaccination team, vaccine safety, vaccine logistic management, use of digital application CO-WIN and waste disposal.

In Total, 17 health staff,12 from Hunsur, 3 from Miao and 2 from Bylakupee have received the training. The training concluded successfully with a mock drill conducted at Miao.

Miao Health staffs attending COVID-vacination training at CHC Miao Govt-Hospital
Tsojhe Hospital bylakupee health staffs attending COVID-vaccination training
COVID-19 vaccination mockdrill at Miao
Virtual training for COVID-19 vaccine at phende hospital, Hunsur