Third Press Conference by DoHe, Wuhan COVID-19 Task Force

Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe (Left) and Dr. Tenzin Tsuendue

Dharamsala: The Department of Health, CTA ’s Task Force for the Wuhan origin, COVID-19 pandemic addressed the press on the status of active cases in the Tibetan community and the response measures being taken on 10th April 2020. Dr. Tsuendue began with briefing the global situation in numbers mainly focusing on where the majority of Tibetan diaspora are settled. Then continued with India’s situation in numbers particularly where the Tibetan Settlements are located.
Then Dr. Tsamchoe proceeded the briefing. Fortunately, currently, there are no positive cases among Tibetans residing in India. But as a precautionary, the number of Tibetan people under home quarantine is 1151 and all are monitored daily by the local authorities.
As the DoHe, is mainly focusing on preventive measures, efforts are channelized for creating awareness and facilitating Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to nurses and doctors in case an emergency occurs. At the Settlement level also, the efforts are being put in the same direction. Internally the DoHe, has formed 8 committees to execute the preventive measures.
In Gangyi vicinity 686 people were screened and around 10 people were detected with seasonal flu. All of them are being monitored by a medical team. Similar screening measures are being undertaken by some settlements and the rest are going to implement the same.
Traditional Tibetan medicines of Tibetan Medicine and Astro Institute (TMAI) for boosting the immune system were distributed to 126 people who are at higher risk of getting infected. Those who want to take such can consult local TMAI branch clinics and take it. In the US, Russia, Europe, and Nepal, DoHe, have appointed TMAI doctors for consultation.
To prepare the doctors at Settlement Level, Dr. Tenzin Tsuendue gave an orientation of SOP for Wuhan COVID-19 through a video call conference.
Though, in case an emergency of positive case occurs, the first step is to contact the local Chief Medical Officer or the Nodal Officer of the Indian Government for further direction. All the Settlement officers have contacted them and their contact details are available in the helpline. Further, the preparation of quarantine centers is under progress in the settlements. The Press Conference ended with Dr. Tsuendue addressing key FAQs.
Posters, Guidelines, and Helpline for mental health are available at

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