Third and Final Community Outreach Workshop for DoH Nurses/CHW

Department of Health, CTA organized its third and final comprehensive rural health outreach workshop in Jamkhed from 7 to 11 September, 2016. This five-day workshop was attended by 29 participants comprised of 9 General Nurse, 16 Community Health Worker, 2 Snow Lion Foundation Staff and 2 Department of Health staff from India and Nepal.



This workshop is aimed to provide better knowledge on how the Comprehensive Rural Health Project and its team member work to cater better services to the community through community participation, delegation of responsibility to lesser-trained people – such as auxiliary nurse and paramedical workers, integration of promotive, preventive and curative services, and a multi-sectorial approach which would address the basic causes of ill health.

Mr. Jayesh Kamble, CRHP mobile health team head and his team were the chief resource persons of the workshop. The topics covered were community outreach and village mapping (theory and practical), Data collection, health factors and problem tree, coordination and liaison, mobile health program – roles and coverage, Adolescent girls health education, and demonstration and discussion with a group of Adolescent girls.



Some of major field visits during the workshop were at Indranagar slum for community mapping, Primary Health Centre Narang to understand Government Health System. The Block Health Officer, Dr. Borade explained about six national health program of India and had Q&A session on health related issues with participants.

The participants were introduced to one of the village health workers, who recently received Women Exemplar award for the year 2016. She shared her life experience, which has boosted enthusiasm in the participants.

The first workshop was attended by 20 participants comprising of 8 staff nurse, 11 community health worker and Ms. Ngawang Tenzin – DoH dealing staff which was held in July, 2016 and the second was participated by 11 administrators; consisting of the Health KalonHonourableChoekyongWangchuk, Health Secretary, Health Joint Secretary and Public Health Coordinator/hospital executive secretaries from 7 hospitals in the month of August, 2016. This program is funded by USAID.