The Department of Health Observed World Rabies Day

Dharamshala: Every year on September 28, the Department of Health observe World Rabies Day as Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. It is almost always fatal thus it is crucial to increase public awareness of rabies prevention and to support the fight against it. This year the Health Department successfully vaccinated 1914 dogs in 11 Tibetan settlements through branch Tibetan Primary Health Care Centers. In certain settlements our staff at the TPHCCs coordinated and facilitated with local NGOs.

The event’s organiser included awareness talks about both monkey pox and World Rabies Day in some locations. As monkey pox has been actively spreading throughout India since about July 2022. For instance in Puruwala, they covered both the topics which was attended by 55 people including teachers and children. A special emphasis was placed on children since they are more likely than adults to pet and play with animals, which increases their risk of contracting rabies.

Vaccinating stray dogs in Majnukatilla, Delhi
Vaccinating stray dogs in Majnukatilla, Delhi
Vaccinating dogs in Ladakh
Awareness talk on World Rabies Day in Ladakh
Q&A session, prize distribution in Puruwala Tibetan School