The Department of Health, CTA carried out health awareness talk and Anemia checking at two TCV schools

Tenzin Chomphel giving presentation at Chauntra hall

Dharamsala: For the Anemia Project under the Mother and Child, Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Adolescence (MCHRMNA) section of the Department of Health, CTA, the program coordinator Kelsang Chodon along with Tenzin Chomphel, former Research Toxicologist collaborated with TPHC Bir, in carrying out the screening of girls to check the presence of Anemia in blood at Suja TCV and Chauntra TCV schools from 24th to 27th August. The project aims at checking and treating Anemia in school girls, as generally females are more vulnerable to this condition. A total of 220 and 148 girls were screened at the respective schools. The program also incorporated Health Awareness talk on Anemia, Menstrual Hygiene and effects of Substance Abuse on adolescent’s health by Tenzin Chomphel. 

At TCV Chauntra with Nurse Sangmo la, Principal Passang la, Kelsang Chodon and Tenzin Chomphel
Collecting blood samples from girls at Chauntra dispensary
During a presentation at Chaunatra
School boys giving presentation at Suja
Girls during a discussion at Suja
Lab Technician at Suja reading the data