The 10th International Short Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine, CMC Vellore

The 10th International Course on Tropical Medicine was held from November 21st-3rd December 2016 at Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Jigme Kalsang from Dhondenling Van Thiel Charitable Hospital (Kollegal) and Dr. Tashi Namgyal from Tso Jhe Khangsar Hospital (Bylakuppe) attended the training. Total of 23 participants from 7 different countries attended the course. Of the 23 participants, 5 each from Canada and Norway, 1 from Spain, 1 from Portugal, 1 from Australia,1 from Singapore and 9 from different states of India. They feel fortunate enough to attend this combined clinical, laboratory and lecture based course by well-known professionals.

The training covered a range of topics and important issues which affect the daily practical implementations for the doctors and health workers like – Malaria, Tuberculosis, dengue common dermatology condition etc. including bacterial infection to parasitic infection and fungal were also covered. The course was very intensive and proved highly useful for the participants.

The lecture session was carried in the morning followed by laboratory classes and bedside cases discussion in the afternoon. Trainees also visited nearby villages, local hospital, DOTS center and leprosy clinic. They had an extensive case discussion on leprosy and its clinical presentation to diagnosis and management. Complication management of leprosy also discussed. They had a theory and practical exam on the last day.

It was no doubt a great learning experience for all the participants. The result showed highly significant improvement in knowledge and skill gained.