Technical and Operational Guidelines (TOG) and Sputum Microscopy & Quality Assurance Training

Laboratory Technicians with Faculty Members

Bangalore: Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top ten causes of death globally according to World Health Organization (WHO). WHO estimated that 10 million people developed TB disease worldwide in 2017. In the same year, two third cases of TB globally were in 8 countries and India accounted for 27% among these 8 countries (WHO).

The National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) of India was initiated in 1962 as a TB control strategy to combat Tuberculosis. Later in 1997 Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme(RNTCP) was launched to revitalize the TB control programme and bring change in the epidemiological trend of TB in India.

The Central TB Division (CTD) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare manages the Revised National TB Control Programme across the country at the central level. It is supported by six National Institutes. National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore is one among these providing technical support including training, monitoring as well as research on Tuberculosis.

Nine medical officers and seven laboratory technicians from various Tibetan health facilities including Delek hospital as well as 2 TB program officers from Department of Health (TVHA), CTA participated in training program organized by the NTI Bangalore through collaboration between Department of Health (TVHA) and the Central TB Division.The training on the Technical and Operational Guidelines (TOG) of RNTCP TB control for the medical officers and program officers, and on Sputum Microscopy and External Quality Assurance for laboratory technicians were held from 21 to 25 January 2019. The main objective of the training was to upgrade the TVHA staffs with the new RNTCP (TOG) guideline and improve the knowledge and skills to meet the recommended standards of TB diagnostic and treatment practices in our community.

The training began with the registration and an opening ceremony on 21 January 2019. Dr. N. Somashekar the Director of NTI, Bangalore and Dr. Krishna Murthy Additional Director along with many senior staffs at the NTI including TB specialists, microbiologists, lab technicians attended the opening ceremony. The director of NTI emphasized the importance of this training as well as the responsibilities of the staffs in providing quality TB care. Department of Health (TVHA), CTA expect health staffs to build and enhance their potential in providing quality TB care through these trainings and achieve the goal of eliminating TB in line with the Government of India’s goal of TB free India by 2025.