TB Active case findings in TCV Suja and TCV Chauntra

In August 2023, the Health Department of CTA conducted active case findings for TB in TCV Suja from 1st to 9th followed by a similar screening from August 23rd to 28th at TCV Chauntra. School nurses administered a two-step process to identify TB in students. Firstly, they checked for students with symptoms and those who exhibited one or more symptoms were examined by doctors for further chest X-rays and sputum tests. Fortunately, none of the students tested positive for TB. As our goal is to “End TB,” we plan to conduct further screenings in schools, monasteries, and nunneries in the coming months. The program was funded by donor USAID and there were total 933 beneficiaries with 526 from TCV Chauntra and 467 from TCV Suja.

Screenings in TCV Suja and TCV Chauntra