Talk on “Adolescence and Mental Health” by Health Department Staff

Ms Tenzin Chondhen, mental health desk staff of Department of Health, was asked to speak on the topic “Adolescence and Mental Health” on December 26, 2022, as part of a week-long leadership training held in Tibetan Reception Centre, Dharamshala initiated by the Department of Education. There were 114 participants in total from 27 Tibetan schools that attended the course.

Interacting with students

She has also mentioned the common problems with too much screen time and the serious harm that social media does to our mental health. How excessive screen time can affect a child’s mood, capacity to concentrate, and ability to learn by causing physical and mental exhaustion. Also discussed how comparing one to well-known social media influencers causes youngsters to develop anxiety and depression in certain cases.

Interacting with students
Interacting with the students