RMNCHA Social Audit and Health awareness program at Mundgod Tibetan Settlement

Mundgod: On 16th-24th December in Mundgod Tibetan settlement, RMNCHA and mental health project coordinator Ms.Ngawang Tenzin has conducted RMNCHA social audit, health education in respective settlements and school based awareness program. RMNHA social audit was done through focus group discussions on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health and adolescent health.  The asocial audit was carried out as per prescribed methodology. Two volunteers with GNM background were hired to assist with the activity. In depth discussion were carried out with the executive secretary, RMNCHA coordinator and CCOCC staffs (4 Nurses). Public focused group discussion were held in community hall of 4 camps where two-three camp people with community leaders were carried out followed by health education on various life style diseases, reproductive health including sexually transmitted infections.

On school level, both STS in camp 6 and 3 informed that they have formed a POCSO committee for action against child’s sexual offence as per the adolescent health guidelines. Adolescent health talks on age appropriate subjects where good touch and bad touch, basic hygiene and nutrition and menstruations for girls group for class 6th-7th. For class 8-10th, topics such as puberty, sexual harassment, dealing with stress, substance abuse and menstrual hygiene was covered. Students in class 11-12th were given health talk on adolescent health, dealing with stress and depression, sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.