Public Health Awareness Campaign held during 34th Kalachakra Initiation at Bodhgaya.

Public Health Division of Department of Health, CTA Dharamsala conducted health awareness campaign during the initiation of 34th Kalachakra at Bodhgaya from January 2, to January 14, 2017.

Health education materials on Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis B and basic sanitation precautionary message in the form of notepads in both English and Tibetan was distributed free of cost to the public attending the kalachakra program.  Face masks was also distributed free of cost to the general public in order to avoid minor illnesses.

Besides the physical documents, separate short animation video was made on hand washing techniques, Mother and child program, Hepatitis B, HIV AIDs, TMS & TB program to be featured during short breaks.

Health talk on basic disease prevention methods, Hepatitis B, TB, menstruation hygiene was given by mch coordinator Ms. Ngawang Tenzin to the nuns of Sangamitra Institute at Bodhgaya. The nuns were in the varied range of age group belonging from the remote Himalayan regions who lacked basic knowledge on hygienic practices and various health hazards.

The public health awareness campaign was held along with free medical camp organized at the kalachakra event by Department of Health, CTA Dharamshala. The Free medical camp was a great success in curing and preventing common illnesses that occur in such big gatherings besides the emergency services provided by DOH doctors and nurses.
We feel proud to be of great service to the public in such an auspicious event.

Animation video were shown to the public on mother and child healthcare, hand washing techniques, Hepatitis B, HIV AIDs, TMS & TB program.
Distributing health education pamphlets to the public.
MCH Coordinator, Ms. Ngawang Tenzin gave health talk to the nuns of Sangamitra Institute at Bodhgaya
Health staff at work