Preservice Training for Nurses and Regional Supervisors underway in Dehradun

training of trainers for regional supervisors/coordinators in Dehradun.

Dehradun: The Health Department is organising five days of training of trainers for regional supervisors/coordinators under Health workforce capacity strengthening program from 18th July to 22nd July 2022 at Dekyiling in Dehradun.

Five regional health worker supervision and mentoring offices have been established, one for Karnataka settlements, one for Northeast India settlements, one for Dehradun area settlements, one based in Bir for Himachal settlements, and one for all unclustered remaining settlements of central India, Dharamshala, Delhi, and Ladakh. Each office will be staffed with a regional supervisor responsible for visiting health facilities on a continuous rotating basis, to collect program monitoring data and provide technical and programmatic guidance, mentoring and on-the-job training. These activities aim to address the DOH challenge of supervising and mentoring health program components at the facility level, where high turnover rates and heavy clinical and administrative workloads often hinder program data collection and smooth activity implementation.