Ending Ceremony: Teachers & Peer Group Leaders Workshop

DHARAMSHALA: The 4-day workshop for Adolescent Peer Group Leaders and Substance Abuse Review Cum Meeting came to a close today as the 62 students and their teachers joined Palden Dhondup (Department of Health Secretary), Jampa Phuntsok (Additional Secretary), and Tsering Youdon (Joint Secretary) in the closing event.

Health Secretary Mr. Palden Dhondup la addressed the students feedback regarding speaking Tibetan, mobile addiction topics, and inviting additional students to the future workshop. Additionally, he stressed the importance of “practice what you preach”, meaning to follow the lessons and rules that you are teaching onto others.

Adolescent Peer Group Leaders and Substance Abuse Review Cum Meeting Workshop concluded the ending ceremony by reminding the adults and teachers not to lose hope, and to continue reaching out to their students when they are in need of support outside of school lessons.

To the students, as they were actively listening, were lastly reminded that “student leaders should not be like the moral police, they should be a friend who can listen to others and help” and to “help out, seek out, reach out”.

As the workshop has come to an end, the Department of Health would like to acknowledge and give thanks to Expression India, the workshop leaders, guest speakers, and Department of Health organizers Ngawang Tenzin and Tenzin Sonam with special assistance from Lurig Gyatso.

Thank you to all the attendees and participants!