Pandemic could end in 2022 only if people work together, says WHO’s Director-General

96th Covid-19 Taskforce Briefing. Photo Screengrab.

Dharamshala: The Chief of WHO Tedros Adhanom issued a statement last Friday in which he has assured that 2022 could be the year people could potentially see the end of this prolonged global pandemic but only if people work together.

In support of his statement, CTA’s Health Department appeals to people to exercise utmost caution and adhere to all Covid appropriate measures.

In a statement issued at the 96th taskforce briefing on Thursday, Deputy Secretary Tenzin Kunsang urged Tibetans, especially those coming back from other states and countries to adhere to strict quarantine or self-isolation on entering the settlements. People are also required to self isolate until the Covid test results arrive.

In addition, unvaccinated Tibetans are urged to get jabbed considering the notably reduced risk of serious illness in a fully vaccinated person.

As the Tibetan administration continues to stretch its capacities resolving to beat COVID-19 in the community, NGOs and volunteers have been immensely helpful too as they continue to do their bits.

This week, a Tibetan doctor from the US, Samten Choedon provided a workshop on ‘Omicron Clinical Management’ to 37 Tibetan doctors and medical practitioners.

“We deeply appreciate and commend Samten Choedon for the contribution,” said Deputy Secretary of Health Department and meanwhile urges more Tibetan volunteers to come forward.

sMenpa Tsering Tsamchoe of the Central Taskforce Committee updated the Covid status of the last seven days. According to the Taskforce committee’s report gathered from 15 Tibetan settlements in India and 4 in Nepal, the quarantine status of Tibetans surge to 737 out of which, 571 are home quarantined while 166 are in institutional quarantine.

Mass testing drive conducted this week across India and Nepal covered around 1005 Tibetans. Of the tested individuals, 414 were tested positive. However, the cases reported are mild and not severe. The number of death reported this week is one.

Up until now, the total number of reported cases in the Tibetan Community in India and Nepal is 8377, among which 7677 have recovered and 537 reported active cases while 163 passed away.

As per the reports drawn by the Taskforce committee, 49,460 Tibetans above 18 years in India are fully vaccinated while 645 Tibetans are inoculated with the first jab. In the case of children aged 15-18, a total of 1222 children have so far received the first jab. Likewise, 2404 elderly Tibetans above 60 years and front line workers have successfully received the precautionary dose. In the case of Nepal, 6990 Tibetans have received both jabs while 85 children aged 15-18 received their first jab. A total of 18 Tibetans have received the booster dose.

Remarking on the constantly changing Covid situation of India, Dr Tsundue informed that the daily positivity rate remains concerning as the positivity rate increases from 16% to 19% in the last 24 hours indicating a vulnerable situation.

72% of the total population in India is fully vaccinated while 52% of the children aged 15-18 have also been vaccinated. Similarly, India has already begun administration of the third dose (booster shot) for which 9 months gap from the final vaccination is credential to be eligible.

Vaccine-eligible individuals in Dharamshala can avail the vaccines from Delek Hospital every Wednesday as informed by Dr Tsundue. Meanwhile debunking the vaccine myths, Dr Tsundue has once again urged Tibetans particularly the elderly ones to get jabbed stating the high efficacy and the significantly reduced risk of the vaccine.

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