Mundgod DTR Hospital launches ‘Preventive Health Check-up Package’

Mundgod: On 23 April 2019, Mundgod DTR Hospital introduced Basic Health Check-up package to promote prevention or early detection of health complications among the residents of Mundgod Tibetan settlement.

Doeguling Tibetan Settlement officer, Mr. Lhakpa Tsering, DTR Hospital Administrator Mr. Ngawang Thupten and Representatives from various Tibetan monasteries, Camp leaders attended the opening ceremony of this new service at the DTR hospital.

During the launch, Local Tibetan Settlement officer said, “This health checkup plan is a part of health promotion and disease prevention campaign, therefore community members should make full use of such services made available at the settlement hospital”.

Preventive Health Check-up aims to reduce the risk factors by detecting illnesses from the early stage. According to various research done globally, it has been proven that it’s more economical and not to mention far less bothersome to invest in an annual Preventive Health Checkup rather than bearing until emergency stage.

The package is priced at INR 1,600 and includes physician consultation, and essential tests like hemogram (complete blood count), biochemical parameters, kidney profile test, cardiac assessment, liver profile test, and others such as blood group, hepatitis B test, urine analysis and chest x-ray.

Mundgod DTR hospital is a unit of the Department of Health, CTA and it was selected as one of the optimal model service hospital. The Department of Health, CTA is all set to initiate such health checkup plan in other DOH managed hospitals in the near future.