Masks and social distancing a must, CTA Taskforce urges utmost caution against COVID-19

Dr Tenzin Tsundue speaking at the weekly COVID-19 briefing. Photo/Screengrab

Dharamshala: The Tibetan community in India and Nepal has reported 65 new cases over the past week, bringing the total case to 1230.

Addressing the 34th COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Tsamchoe said the highest number of cases were reported from Ladakh with 17 cases, followed by Mundgod with 13 cases, Dharamsala 7, Bylakuppe 4 and Chauntra 4, Puruwala 3, Dekyiling 2, Hunsur 2, Clement town 1, Lingtsang 1, Lakhanwala 1 and Paonta 1. 8 cases were reported from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Of the 65 total cases, 45 are male and 20 female, the eldest is aged 88 and youngest is 12, with 35 asymptomatic and 30 symptomatic. A 60-year-old from Mundgod with comorbid issues and an 86 year old from Ladakh have succumbed to the disease.

Reiterating the task force’s repeated public appeal, Health dept’s Under Secretary Tenzin Dolkar said the best safeguard against COVID is wearing masks, sanitizing and upholding social distancing.

“At all times during these festive seasons and the approaching winter season, we must not let our guards down but continue to follow these self-regulatory precautions that guarantee our safety,” she said.

Inspite of Pfizer vaccine’s 95% success rate, she said the authorization for its large-scale distribution is yet to be ascertained and therefore, warned against any negligence in COVID precautions. She also urged visitors and returnees to observe strict home quarantine as state travel restrictions are no longer in effect.

The global COVID toll has crossed the 55 million mark with the US leading with 11 million cases, reported Dr Tsamchoe. With 4 lakh active cases in India, the recovery rate stands at 93.58%.

As the second and third wave of pandemic rages across Europe, Belgium, Swiss, Italy and the UK, Tibetans based abroad are urged to observe the local guidelines.

All COVID patients are in strict quarantine under medical supervision, and no serious complications have been observed.

As per the data provided by OOT Representatives, 8 cases were reported from Wisconsin state, US, of which 5 have recovered and 3 are on the road to recovery.

Responding to queries on the safety of medicines for children, Dr Tsamchoe recommended following the local health workers’ instructions. She recommended Rim sung for protection against many strains of flu, drinking warm broth and herbal tea to stabilise body temperature.

To tackle anxieties amidst the constantly streaming news of death and loss on media, Dr Tsamchoe prescribed the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet TV’s programme featuring Buddhist teachers and lamas and their teachings on mental health.

As more number of people are being diagnosed outside of quarantine and only a few from quarantine, Dr Tsundue cited the need for social distancing, avoiding any social gathering and wearing masks at all times.

He also recommended remote working and virtual meetings to avoid in-person contacts.

Dr Tsering Tsamchoe speaking at the weekly COVID-19 briefing. Photo/Screengrab
Tenzin Dolkar, Department of Health delivers the weekly COVID-19 briefing. Photo/Screengrab