Life Skill Workshop Held to Train Teachers and Counselors to Deal with Problems in Adolescents.


A life skill workshop is ongoing at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society Centre. 54 school teachers and counselors of 21 Tibetan schools in North and North Eastern part of India are being trained to help adolescents deal with various issues such as bullying, substance abuse, sexual harassment, etc. from 13th to 16th May 2019

The life skill training approach aims to help adolescents build self-awareness, confidence, problem solving and decision making through effective communication.

Funded by the USAID, the Department of Health in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS) team from Bangalore has been conducting this workshop since 2017, the current being 7th.

Workshops were also conducted in Bylakuppe for South and Central Schools Teachers.

Department of Health through RMNCHA, a program supported by USAID, also supports 29 schools in India by providing seed money to implement programs such as strengthening adolescent life skills in POSCO club activities and trainings, New Rewa book on adolescent issues and CBSE manuals on life skills are distributed during the training. RMNH coordinator Ngawang also completed monitoring the program in schools in the southern region.

Life skill Workshop in progress

Dr. Rajaram conducting activities on peer learning and facilitation

Dr.Rajaram introducing the three circular support that every child have.


Dr. Vranda demonstrating life skills activity from the manual and group discussion.