Kasur Kelsang Yangkyi Taklha visits Department of Health, CTA

DHARAMSHALA: On July 10th, 2019, the Department of Health invited Kasur Kelsang Yangkyi Takla for a meeting with the current health department staff where she spoke upon her life experiences.
Mr. Palden Dhondup, Department of Health Secretary moderated the meeting to hear about her personal experiences, aspirations, and the hard work and efforts it took for the growth of CTA.
Kasur Mrs. Takla started serving for the CTA in February of 1962 in the Department of Home. Then in December 1, 1983 she became the first Director/Secretary for the Department of Health. Mrs. Takla was impressed by the overall improvements of the Central Tibetan Administration. Coming into exile, starting from nothing from a small office with 3 person staff and inadequate staff housing (Male staff had to share rooms while female staff stayed in Upper TCV), to currently, having a 40 staff members in a newly constructed building with numerous resources. The growth within a few decades has been astonishing.
Mrs. Takla also served as the Director of the Delek Hospital which she said was formed through petitions to provide health services to the CTA staff. She shared the initial founding of Delek Hospital along with the financial and resource constraints. With time, Delek Hospital improved through space, facilities, volunteer doctors, community health workers and it now serves the local population of Dharamsala.
The main take away from Mrs. Takla’s talk was to never give up despite the circumstances and lack of resources. She emphasized how motivation and dedication will allow us to succeed in all levels as well as to remembering His Holiness’ advice to always work hard.
The talk was followed by Q&A session led by DoH Secretary Mr. Palden Dhondup and concluded with giving khatak to show gratitude and appreciation for Kasur Mrs. Takla’s service to CTA.