Health Secretary visits Settlements in Dehradun Area and Himachal Pradesh

Health Secretary Palden Dhondup with all the staff of Dekyiling Hospital

Dehradun: On 2nd October, Health Secretary Palden Dhondup visited settlements near Clementown after attending the inaugural ceremony of the 26th Gyelyum Chenmo Memorial (GCM) Gold Cup on the 1st October. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still a public health emergency, he held a meeting with the regional COVID-19 Task-Force members of Clementown, Mussorie, Manduwala, Rajpur, and Dekyling. After the meeting, he paid a visit to the Dekyiling Hospital and held a meeting with all the Hospital staff. He retired for the day after visiting Lakhanwala. The next day, similar meetings were held at Sataun, Kamrau, Puruwala, and Paonta. At the same time, followed up on the ongoing construction projects in these settlements.

With the representatives of the Task-Force members of Doon area
Inside Dekyiling Hospital
Meeting being held in Kamrau
At Sataun