Health Secretary’s Official Visits

Dehradun: Health Secretary’s Official Visits Commenced from 28th November-4th December 2022

On the first day, the Secretary Dawa Tsultrim paid a visit to the Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special Needs in Dehradun. He was greeted by school Children’s spirited cultural performances.

Following that, Secretary Dawa Tsultrim spoke to the school’s personnel, caretakers, and foster parents. He commended them for their commitment and sincerity in doing their best to raise the kids and also interacted with the children. Later, he went to the classroom, mess, and hostel as well as the schoolyard. He also visited the infrastructure area for the Adult Home Project, a project that would be undertaken the following year.

On the second-day, Mr Dawa Tsultrim visited Dekyiling, Rajpur, Tsering Dhondenling, and Dhondupling Tibetan Primary Health Care Center. He interacted with hospital employees and discussed ongoing initiatives like the Dekyiling toilet and water filter building project. Additionally, he examined the state of older projects, such as the drainage pipe built in Tsering Dhondenling in the years 2019–2020. He also inquired about the working circumstances of the staff members from the clinics and hospitals in question, as well as suggestions for future changes.

On the third-day, Mr Dawa Tsultrim began his day’s visit at the Lingtsang clinic before moving on to Lhakhanwala, Baluwala, Khera Camp, and Poanta.
He toured each clinic and met with its staff and engaged with them regarding the various evolving projects. He also gave consideration to the staff’s concerns over the deteriorating conditions of Khera camp hospital and its borewell.

Fourth-Day visit on December 2, 2022, after visiting Puruwala, Kamrao, and Sataun, the Health Secretary’s official week-long journey came to an end. He reviewed current initiatives, clinic requirements, staff quarter renovations, pertinent problems, as well as the progress of the pipeline and water tank projects.

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Day 1: Mr Dawa Tsultrim, Health Secretary, CTA  Interacting with  Staff of Ngoenga School
Day1: Ngoenga School Student Performing Cultural Dance
Day 2:  The Secretary the reviewing the ongoing water filter project in  Dekyiling
Day 2: A Group Photo with Tsering Dhondenling Staff
Day 2: Warm Welcome by Lama Phuntsok, the General Secretary, Dhondupling
Day 3: A group photo with Lingtsang Hospital Staff
Day 3: A Group Photo with TSO Poanta Staff
Day 4:  Inspecting the water tank project in Kamrao
Day 4: Visiting the remaining areas