Health Kalon opens National Seminar on Smart City Management

Kalon Choekyung Wangchuk, Department of Health, CTA inaugurated the National Seminar on Smart City Management on 22 September.

The seminar organized by WHSAU (Western Himalayan Society for Awareness and Upliftment) is being held from 22 to 23 September at RS Sarover Portico, Palampur (H.P).

The objectives of the seminar are to discuss and deliberate on the Smart City program under Government of India related to Dharamsala.

In his opening remarks at the ceremony, Kalon spoke about the significance of developing Infrastructure and promotion of clean environment. He also expressed CTA’s support and contribution towards the project of Smart City.

Kalon also emphasised the four principal commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, particularly the revival of the ancient Indian tradition in modern India.