Health Kalon Leaves on Official visit to Bir and Mandi

Health Kalon Mr Choekyong Wangchuk will be visiting the Tibetan settlements in Bir, Dege Chauntra, Sundarnagar, Tso pema and Mandi from 17 – 22 April 2017.

He visited TCV Gopalpur on 17 April and spoke to the students on the importance of health and cleanliness. He described preventive measures as extremely imperative in the fight against diseases and called for a healthy lifestyle of both mental and physical well being.

Following his visit to the school, he visited Bir Tibetan settlement and spoke to the public on Kashag’s five-fifty strategy, the Middle Way Approach, Sino-Tibetan dialogue, CTA’s scholarship scheme, and health related projects of the Department of Health. The talk was followed by questions and answers from the public.

He also visited the Tibetan monasteries in and around Bir and inspected the schools and branch clinics of Mentseekhang.