Health Kalon Launches Preventive Healthcare Volunteer Group in South India, Meets Karnataka Health Minister

Health Kalon Choekyong Wangchuk, during a fortnight-long visit to South India, launched a volunteer group of healthcare professionals aimed at creating awareness about preventive healthcare measures and also met with Karnataka Health Minister Shri R. Ramesh Kumar in Bangalore.


The Health Kalon, during his August 7-10 visit to Bangalore, met with Shri R. Ramesh Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka. At the meeting, the Health Kalon expressed his gratitude to the people and government of Karnataka for their generous support and assistance to the large Tibetan refugee community living in Karnataka. He also apprised the Karnataka Health Minister about the healthcare services being provided by Tibetan hospitals in the Tibetan settlements for Tibetans as well as the local Indian community. The Health Kalon further requested the Karnataka Health Minister for a Grant In-Aid from the Karnataka Government to upgrade and improve the existing healthcare services in Tibetan hospitals. The Karnataka Health Minister made a serious note of the representation by the Health Kalon and assured him of every possible help from the Karnataka state government.

In Bangalore, the Health Kalon also met with the Tibetan community residing in the city, particularly students studying in various colleges and universities. He addressed the Tibetan community in Bangalore on the policies of the Kashag, particularly on health-related issues in the Tibetan community. During the public meeting in Bangalore, the Health Kalon felicitated members of the Tro-Ten-Leng (Health Forum) for the healthcare services they had rendered to the Tibetan community.

The Health Kalon also launched a new volunteer group in the southern Tibetan settlements called “Volunteers for Patient Care,” whose sole purpose is to create awareness about preventive healthcare measures. The volunteer group, comprised of healthcare professionals, will assist and extend services to patients coming for major treatment in hospitals in the city. The volunteer group of professional healthca


re workers was formed under the guidance of the Health Department, Central Tibetan Administration and initiated by the Office of the Chief Representative, CTA South-Zone, Bangalore. The healthcare professional volunteers are Tibetans, who are studying and working in various hospitals in the healthcare sector and are employed as nurses, pharmacists, dentists, nutritionists/dieticians, optometrists and computer designer.

The Health Kalon departed for Delhi from Bangalore on August 10, after a successful 15-day long tour of the five major Tibetan settlements in South India and Bangalore city.

**Please note: Any Tibetan visiting Bangalore for healthcare treatment and needing assistance from Volunteers for Patient Care can either contact Office of the Chief Representative at Tel: 080-25506842/43, email: [email protected] or Mr. Tenzin, Mob: 920694761/8073771560. **