Health Kalon Continues his official visit to Tuting Area

Health Kalon speaking to Tibetan residents in Arunachal Pradesh.

Following Hon. Health Kalon’s visit to Miao Tibetan Settlement, he continued his official visit to Tuting Tibetan Settlement from 28th to 4th December.

After two hours of ferry ride from Bogibil ghat, Assam on 27th November, the Health Kalon was received by Tuting Tibetan Settlement officer Mr. Phuntsok Topgyal.

On his arrival, he was welcomed by the Chairman of the local Tibetan Assembly, President of regional Tibetan Freedom movement, village leaders and other dignitaries.

Next day morning he offered prayers in Ngesang Dongak Jangchub Dhargyeling Monastery.

From 29th to 1st December, Health Kalon visited Tibetan villages in eastern region under Tuting TSO towards Yangsang River which includes Nyering, Payingdem, Ngukhang, Yortong and Mangota Village by motorbike and on foot.

He visited Ngukhang Village and Nyering village on 29th and 30th November respectively and returned to Tuting on 1st December. He met and addressed the residents of 33 household in five Tibetan villages.

On the afternoon of 1st December, Settlement office organized an internal meeting with members of local Tibetan assembly, Camp leaders and TMAI doctor. The participating members reported various problems faced by residents.

Health Kalon speaking to residents in Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh.

From 2nd and 3rd, He visited Tibetan Villages located near Mc.Mohanline Belt viz. Kopo, Bona, Gyeling, Bishing and Norbuling village. First three villages were covered by vehicle, whereas Bishing and Norbuling village by walking which covered 17 KMs in distance from Gyeling village.

The final day at the settlement, Kalon addressed the local community at Tuting town in the Monastery Hall where he gave the awareness on three guiding principle of Kashag, five-fifty strategy and brief introduction and activities of 7 Departments of CTA. He particularly gave a detailed account of Health department and its various projects. He also spoke about current health status and challenges faced by Tibetan communities and the importance of preventive measures to protect oneself and family members. Later Health Kalon paid homage to the sacred Buddhist relics in the Buddhist museum of Ngesang Dongak Jangchub Dhargyeling Monastery in Tuting.

In the afternoon he visited Tibetan living area in Tuting Town including Lalibasti, PI Line, ALC Line, Bihari line and Pekong village.

During his visit to Tuting, he covered 15 villages under the jurisdiction of Tuting Tibetan Settlement office where he advised the public on the importance of preserving unique Tibetan identity, roles played by parents in sending their children to the far away Tibetan school for better future and the importance of personal health.

Health Kalon left Tuting in the morning of 5th December and will visit Tezu Tibetan settlement.