Health Kalon Attends World Environment Day Rally

Health Kalon Mr. Choekyong Wangchuk today on behalf of Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay, attended World Environment Day Rally at Gandhi Samriti Vatica, Dharamsala organized by Socio-Environment Organizations and Bapar Mondal Kotwali Bazar.

The program was carried out with the World Environment Day theme; “Go Green, Love your Environment” to strengthen commitment towards environment protection and sustainable life especially of Dharamsala and adjoining rural areas. Besides members of Municipal Corporation, representatives of different NGOs, teachers and local dignitaries, more than 200 students from various schools took part in the program with banners, posters and placards etc. Students also performed “Nukkad Natak” street plays on the day’s theme.

The program organizer Dr. Anjan K Kalia greeted and expressed thanks for the presence of CTA Health Kalon in the program. He also added in his note that Tibetan community also plays important role in protection of environment and plantation of trees to make Dharamsala greener.

Health Kalon, in his address dwelled mainly on the importance of protection and preservation of nature and urged to walk towards greener environment that must start from individual and local level. He further said that continued exploitation of natural resources in large scale due to human greed has led to the emergence of serious threat to this beautiful planet earth as such we are now forced in a situation where we must look into the actions and prospects of “Kal Aaj aur Kal” Past, Present and Future. He appealed to young students to shoulder the responsibility to take care of environment for better future.

At the end, he lauded the organiser for involving school students in the awareness campaign and motivating them to work towards the protection and preservation of our fragile ecosystem.