Health Kalon attends golden jubilee ceremony of Sataun Settlement

Health Kalon addressing the audience

Sataun: Health Kalon Mr. Choekyong Wangchuk attended the golden jubilee ceremony of Sataun Settlement as special guest. The ceremony began with the chief guest honorable speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile Mr. Pema Jugney lighting the butter lamp and offering khatak to the portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thereafter, Indian and Tibetan national anthem were sung by all the people gathered. Then followed a moment of silence for all the self-immolations by the fellow Tibetan martyrs.

On the opening note, Tibetan Settlement Officer delivered the welcome speech and then followed the narration of brief history of the settlement by the president of local assembly.

Speaker of TPiE Mr. Pema Jugney and Health kalon Mr. Chokyong Wangchuk bringing the the portrait of HHDL

Health Kalon in his speech said that it is indeed a joyful day to celebrate and at the same time it is also important to remember and appreciate the hard work endured for 50 years by the elder generations. As the critical situation in Tibet continues, it is crucial for us to preserve our unique culture and identity, he urged. He further emphasized, on need to act on the vision and wise advices of H.H.D.L. The program continued with the speech by Shri. Raj Krishan Pruthi (IAS) Deputy Commissioner, Nahan. Finally, the chief guest addressed the audiences and awarded mementos. Then the function, was concluded on a joyful note with the cultural dance performance.