Health Education Section of DoHe, conducts healthy lifestyle video survey

DoHe recently produced a movie titled “Who is Crazy?”, which portrays how mental health issues are treatable if intervened early and also shows the strong stigma attached around mental illnesses in general and specifically to people suffering from it. The movie was released in official youtube channel (healthCTA) of Department of Health and was received very well and appreciated. So with the same intention to benefit The Department of Health (DoHe) is aiming to produce another such video/movie tailored to the needs of the Tibetan community in order to encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle practices in their daily life. For this, we are conducting this short survey to learn about your preferences in the contents for the video. Your honest answers will help us to develop script and play that best meets your interests and needs. The survey is estimated to take only about 5 minutes to complete. All but one question are multiple choice. Please write your answers in English only.
\ Thank you for your participation. Your feedback is important to us!