Health Department’s efforts in prevention of COVID-19 through Sorig Immune Booster

Team lead additional Secretary Mr Jampa Phuntsok

Dharamsala: As the world is still coping with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, since early 2020. With no specific cure for Covid-19 and many reports suggested that those with a good immune system are at lower risk while others with weak are at higher risks. As a preventive measure, with the request of CTA’s Covid-19 Task Force, Men-Tsee-Khang finalized a prescription of Sorig medicine for boosting the immune system. So, the Department of Health, CTA in collaboration with Men-Tsee-Khang has agreed to bear the 1/3rd of the total expenses and 2/3rd by the Health Department. All the expenses incurred for the distribution of Sorig immune boosters were funded by the PRM except the distributions made abroad.
Henceforth, a sorig immune booster team was formed, headed by the Additional Secretary Jampa Phuntsok, Tenzin Wangdak (Internal audit and Welfare Officer), Ngawang Woeser, (RMNCHA project coordinator), Kunchok Dolma (WASH Project Officer), Tenzin Jinpa (Cashier), and lastly Tenzin Tashi (Central Council of Tibetan medicine Accountant).
A collective decision was made by the CTA Covid-19 Task-Force and Sorig immune booster team prioritized providing it to those at higher risks such as the elderly age group above sixty-five, those with comorbidities, Frontliners, people under quarantine, and those in contacts with covid positive patients.
Foreseeing the critical situation of Covid-19 in abroad, an emergency Sorig immune booster distribution was initiated to the higher risk Tibetan diaspora with the expenses of the medicine share by the Health Department and Men-Tsee-Khang likewise. The expenses of the postage and 2/3 of the medicine cost were made directly through the treasury of CTA.
As per the health experts, the third wave is predicted to target the younger generation, so it is crucial to enhance the immune system of the age group below 17 as currently there is no vaccine available for them in India and Nepal. Hence, the DoHe Sorig Team is providing Sorig Medicine for the age group below 17 and people under quarantine and positive contacts. (not vaccinated)
Following are the numbers of Sorig immune booster medicine distributed under various categories:

1 Above 65 9,816
2 Quarantine 18,903
3 Frontliners 1,481
4 Comorbidities 4,667
5 Abroad 3,731
6 Below 17 4,875
  Total 43,473
Internal audit and Welfare Officer
Project Officer of WASH Program
Project Officer of Tuberculosis, Ngawang Woeser,
Cashier of the Department of Health, CTA

Accountant of Central Council of Tibetan Medicine, Tenzin Tashi
SORIG Immune Boosters getting parceled at Department of Health,CTA
SORIG Immune Boosters getting parceled at Department of Health, CTA