Health Department’s COVID-19 Task Force reviews the surge in COVID-19 cases in Mundgod

Health Secretary speaking with Mundgod settlement Task-Force members

Dharamsala: With a surge in COVID-19 positive cases in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement, the COVID-19 Task-Force members of the department of health headed by health secretary Mr. Palden Dhondup along with two advisory members Dr Tsewang Tamdin and Dr Tsetan Dorji Sadutshang had a meeting with Mundgod Settlement Task-Force members headed by settlement officer Lhakpa Tsering

Members of the task force include Executive Secretary and Medical officer of DTR Hospital Mr Ngawang Thupten and Dr Kelsang Choedon, Drepung Loseling’s Abbot Geshe Samten, Gajang Hospital Dr Dhondup Tashi, TMAI Dr Nyima Gyaltsen, respective camp leaders and representatives of sections of monasteries on 7th October 2020.

Mr Lhakpa updated the worrying situation in Mundgod despite the continuous effort by the members since March 2020, the surge in positive cases gives an indication of community spread at the settlement. Currently, all the non-COVID-19 patients in the settlement are directed to Gaden Jangtse Hospital whereas the mild and moderate COVID-19 cases are handled in DTR Hospital. The surge in cases has led to the occurrence of six positive cases among the staff of DTR Hospital and also an increase in workload for the remaining staff as expressed by the Executive Secretary of DTR hospital for which he stressed the need for additional human resources and other resources.

Abbot Geshe Samten, a member of the settlement task force, reported on the administration and monitoring of the situation of the Drepung Loseling monastery.

After updating the situation by the respective members of the settlement, Dr. Tsewang Tamdin urged the members to continue their effort in maintaining the discipline at the quarantine centers as a lack of discipline by individual risks the spreading of the virus in the entire community. He also added that a more intense collaborative effort of both traditional and allopathy medicine should be put in treating the patients.

Dr Tsetan Dorji Sadutshang appreciated the effort of members and urged the members to identify the loopholes which led to the occurrence of positive cases and asked them to discuss corrective measures.

Mrs Tenzin Dolkar from headquarter emphasised the importance of early contact tracing in the current situation and emphasised the importance of community participation in view of the shortage of staff. As the department is well equipped to provide contact tracing training. Also, Mrs. Ngawang Tenzin of the Mental Health desk encouraged them to contact the desk in case of any counseling-related requirement.

Health secretary assured complete support of the department while he appreciated the continuous effort by all the Task-Force members at the settlement and urged them to continue the same.

COVID-19 Task force members of DoHe in virtual meeting with Mundgod settlement Task-Force members
Disease Prevention section head Ngawang Tenzin speaking with Mundgod settlement Task-Force members