Health Department provides Nutritional Supplements in Settlements

Mother and Child Health Care (MCH) section of the Department of Health provided nutritional supplements to mothers around the Tibetan Settlements in India. Under this section, the Department has been initiating various programs targeting the health of every mother and child. Services such as antenatal and post-natal services, under-5 vaccination, nutrition and supplements are also provided.

Since 2022, all expectant and nursing mothers have received nourishment and supplements every quarter, along with nutrients like calcium, minerals, proteins, carbs, and so on, until the child turns two. By November 15, the mothers will receive the quarterly nutritional supplements. The settlements like Hunsur, Mundgod, Mainpat, Ladakh, and Poanta have been reported thus far. These services serve a vital purpose in lowering the risk of pregnancy diseases such as gestational diabetes mellitus, preterm birth, and complications related to obesity. Including these wholesome foods in a mother’s regular diet will benefit both the mother’s and the fetus’s development. Every two months, mothers of infants under two and expectant mothers are given nutritional supplements.

The programme is operating smoothly thanks to the combined efforts of the Department staff, the Tibetan health care workers, the settlement offices, and—above all—the donor USAID.