Health Department observes World Mental Health Day

Mental Health Awareness at the workplace, Mundgod

Dharamshala: Department of Health observed World Mental Health day on 10th October, 2022 with the funding of PRM, US.

This year’s theme is titled “Make Mental Health and Well-being for all a global priority. The World Mental Health Day comes with a great opportunity for all to reconnect and mobilise our efforts in support of better mental health for all. Therefore, under the initiative of mental health desk of the Department of Health, the day was observed in 14 OPH(Old People Homes) and mental health awareness to governmental office-staff and workers in the settlements were also initiated on the same day.

When we talk about these mental health issues, we somehow skip our elders from these conversations and overlook the fact that older people may experience life stressors common to all people, but also experience events that are common in later life such as ongoing loss of functioning ability, bereavement, retirement and frailty or other health problems etc.

Secondly, we forget about those people working long hours in offices. So it is equally important to promote mental health and ensure positive environment in the workplace which are significant determining factors of their productivity and overall well-being. These people also need support and guidance to relieve oneself from stress, overloaded work burden, mental disturbance and other personal problems that contributes to poor performance and productivity at work, loss of interests and eventually dropouts/withdrawal from work.

These stressors could result in isolation, loneliness, psychological distress or chronic mental issues and even suicidal in worst case. So, recognizing these signs and symptoms could help in early identification and interventions of the mental health conditions.

In Dharamshala, the mental health dealing staff and the team led by Ms Tenzin Chondhen has organised the program in OPH Dharamsala with a range of activities such as massage therapy, music therapy and some mood-lifting games to re-kindle the spark and improve the quality of their daily life, followed by some convenient prizes in appreciation of their participation and showing interest in the program. Similar programs were also conducted at other OPHs in our settlement led by Mental Health dealing Nurses as well.

Collaborating with Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Counselor Ms.Tenzin Bhuti organized mental health program with participation from 17 youths of DLIHE on navigating through the challenging emotions with some interesting and engaging activities such as Art Expressive Therapy and Movement Therapy to mark the day.

Music Therapy in OPH, Dharamsala
Mood-lifting activities for old aged people ,Dharamsala
Mental Health Day Observed at Puruwala.
Mental Health Day Observed at OPH, Dharamsala.
Mental Health Day Observed in OPH, Kalimpong
Mental Health Day Observed in OPH, Dekyiling
Mental Health Day Observed in Hunsur OPH.
Mental Health Awareness at workplace, Kollegal.
Massage Therapy in OPH, Dharamsala