Health Department Holds Review Meeting to Introduce Optimal Service Models (OSM)

The Department of Health (DoHe), CTA has orgnanised a workshop and review meeting to introduce a new health initiative called Optimal Service Models (OSM) and its objectives to DoHe facility category A and B. The workshop was held on 23rd -24th May, 2018 at Chushi Gangdruk Hall, MT, Delhi. The participants include settlement officers, hospital executive secretaries, doctors and nurses from 14 different health facilities in India.

Based on the 2016 diagnostic assessment of CTA’s health system under the THSC program, the DoHe has selected six health facilities into Optimal Service Models (OSM) where concrete changes were implemented to improve the operation and management of these facilities. The facilities are Bylakuppe Tso Jhe Hospital, Mundgod DTR Hospital, TPHC Mainpat , PHC Delhi, Tezu clinic, and Sataun clinic.

The goal of the OSM initiative is to address and tackle the key concerns found through the extensive review of the current health system and its operations, such as poor financial sustainability and cost-efficiency of the health facilities, lack of communication and accountability on performance parameters, and insufficient use of resources.

During the workshop the participants were introduced with good health facility operation and management by experts in the field, Mr. Ashok Jha and Mr. Vikas Dagur. They elaborately discussed the various findings made during recent facility assessment done by Mr.Vikas Dagur and DoHe. And shared their ideas about how the current system can be improved to deliver exceptional health care to the communities while maintaining sustainability and integrity.

After the successful launch of the initial six Optimal Service Models, the DoHe will implement the same recommendations on the remaining settlements to enhance the operation and management of Tibetan healthcare centers across India.