Health Department Holds Mental Health Workshop

group pictureThe department of health organised a mental health workshop at VIMHANS, in Delhi for 27 health staffs, i.e. 14 staff nurses from various Tibetan settlements in India and 14 Tibetan community health workers and nurses from Nepal. This program funded by European union aims to improve the capacity of mental health workforce within the Tibetan community. The nurses and health workers are the primary care providers in most settlements especially in remote and smaller settlements where such workshops will enable them to identify individuals or families with mental health problems and need for care and referrals.

During the five days workshop from 20th to 24th July, Psychologists from VIMHANS covered various mental health topics from mood disorders to anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, Non pharmacological therapy and role of family in substance abuse and relapse’s prevention, basic counseling skills, childhood mental health disorders and adolescent mental health.