Health Department Holds an Internal Administrative Meeting along with the Heads of all the TPHC

Dharmshala: The Department of Health, CTA holds an internal administrative meeting on April 21 2023 in the presence of the Department’s secretary Mr Dawa Tsultrim, Additional Secretary Mr Jampa Phuntsok, Joint Secretary Mrs Tsering Youdon and Mrs Dekyi along with all section heads. Executive Secretaries of the Tibetan Health Care centres across India and the Director of the Ngoenga Special School also took part in the meeting virtually.

The meeting’s main goals were to talk about administrative obstacles, learn about the difficulties faced by healthcare facilities, and share this year’s planned projects. Mr Dawa Tsultrim encouraged the Executive Secretaries to openly talk about the challenges and issues for the betterment of community health. Budgeting and other public and preventative health-related actions were also covered. The significance of following the guidelines while implementing projects has been highlighted in particular.

During the meeting