Health Department conducts assessments at Dalhousie to prepare budget estimation

Informing residents about the projects of Health Department

Dharamshala: To prepare budget estimations for the next three years, Sikyong Penpa Tsering, on 11 February, recommended the Department of Health, CTA to dispatch the department’s staff to assess the health related necessities and assistance required at Tibetan settlements in the coming three years.

Accordingly, Health Department’s Office Superintendent Tenzin Wangdak and Junior Clerk Tenzin Choeden visited Dalhousie settlement for assessment from 11-12 May. The two met with Settlement Officer, Chair of the Local Tibetan assembly and important residents to discuss and prepare health projects for the upcoming three years. They further appraised the ongoing projects at the settlement on 11 May.

On the following day, the visitors briefed undertakings of the Health Department to Tibetan residents and gathered suggestions from the latter regarding the department’s performance as well.

People residing at Gyutoe Community People
Monitoring visit at the settlements
Drafting projects for the next three years with SO, Chair of LTA and others.