Health Department concludes 7th Health Review Meeting


Group photo of the participants

Secretary of the Health Department, Mr. Palden Dhondup inaugurated the 7th Health Review Meeting at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society(ATWS), Dharamsala on 14th July 2022. Directors of Men-Tsee-Khang and Delek Hospital, personal physician of H.H The Dalai Lama, Dr. Lhadon la attended as the guests at the opening ceremony.

Participants at the ATWS hall

A total of 60 participants, including doctors and administrators from Delek Hospital, Men-Tsee-Khang, DoHe facilities, Local Tibetan Clinics from various Tibetan Settlements, Monastics and School institutes,
Executive Secretaries, representatives of the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine, and staff of the Department of Health participated in the 2-Day review meeting.
Health Secretary, in his inaugural remarks, emphasized “The Goal of the health services, in general, is to protect and improve the health of our community which would have greater impact if all the sectors could work collaboratively resulting in better health outcomes. With this, the 7th Health review meeting has convened with participants from various health sectors across India.”
He further highlighted the significance of the comprehensive and intensive deliberation amongst both the school of practitioners by sharing their expertise, experiences, and knowledge towards the formulation of plans to strengthen health sectors and improve the overall health and wellbeing of our community both physically and mentally as well.
A video message of honorable Sikyong was also played during the assemblage, “On this 7th health Review Meeting, I anticipate the participants to review the current status of our health sectors,
particularly the existing services towards the population of the settlements, facilities available at the health sectors and explore GOI health services in their locality. I urge you all to discuss the
health care services required and focus on preventive measures in particular.”
The first day of the meeting began with a presentation on the five most prevalent diseases in the Tibetan community as reported in the department of Health- Health Information System by Traditional & Allopathic Doctors accompanied by the introduction of each relevant program by respective DoHe staff, followed by Q& A session at the end.
The five most prevalent diseases in the Tibetan community are Hypertension, Acute Respiratory Tract, Infection, Gastritis, Diabetes, and musculoskeletal disease.
The second day resumed with a holistic approach talk on mental health by Geshe Lhakdor la. He emphasized the importance of taking personal responsibility by every Tibetan to care for one’s own health-Physical and mental. He further iterated the long-term benefits of including a unique Tibetan cultural perspective – Buddhism and Sowa Rigpa in mental health preventive and treatment intervention to treat not just the symptoms but the root causes of mental suffering. Geshe-la concluded with the need for all of us to reflect on the impermanence and mindfulness in day-to-day practice.
The review meeting ended with a group discussion followed by a presentation on integrated preventive measures and suggestions of interventions for the top 5 prevalent diseases and windup with the presentation on the final compiled resolution from the meeting by Deputy Secretary Guru Nyima la.
DoHe Secretary successfully concluded the review meeting lauding the participants for their active participation and urged for future collaborative efforts on improving public health across Tibetan settlements.
Another Half Day meeting was held with the department of health facility doctors and Executive Secretaries to discuss administrative and accounting issues, gave a guidance talk on the importance of management, leadership quality, and public relations by the Health Secretary on 16th July 2022.

MenTseeKhang Director Thupten Tsering, Delek Hospital Director, Dawa Phunkyi, Health Secretary Palden Dhondup, Personal Physician of H.H. The Dalai Lama Dr Lhadon la and Additional Secretary Jampa Phuntsok. (Names Left To Right in pictures )
Dr Rinzin Sangmo la from MenTseeKhang giving presentation
Group discussion by the participants