Health Department carried out Telemedicine Awareness Campaigns in Three Tibetan Settlements

In April 2023, Telemedicine awareness campaigns were held in the PHC Miao, PHC Ravangla, and PHC Bhandara districts. The purpose of this programme is to increase public knowledge of the value of Telemedicine and the services it provides. Tibetan communities residing in rural locations with far-off hospitals are the program’s target locations.
There is a need to keep up with such advancements because the world is rapidly changing in terms of technological growth. Such services are important as it enables patients to obtain medical care and treatment remotely without having to physically visit medical institutions, Telemedicine is becoming more and more significant in today’s healthcare system.
It is a crucial tool in modern healthcare that can assist increase patient outcomes, save costs, and enhance access to care.
With time Telemedicine is likely to become an even more important part of the healthcare landscape.