Health Department appoints New Medical Officers

Dr. Tashi Namgyal, New Medical Officer of Tso Jhe Khangsar hospital, Bylakuppe.

The Department of Health (DOH), Central Tibetan Administration formally appointed Dr. Tashi Namgyal,  MBBS Graduate from Indra Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, as the new medical officer of Tso Jhe Khangsar hospital at Bylakuppe from March 2, 2015.

Before he joined Tso Jhe Khangsar Hospital at Bylakuppe on 9 April, he has worked at Delek Hospital, Dharamshala for one month.

Under the directive of the Health Department, Dr. Sonam Topgyal has also joined Delek hospital from 1 April, 2015. He has MBBS degree, diploma in child health and family medicine.

These appointments came as a result of the DOH’s intensive outreach to Tibetan MBBS doctors with full support from the Kashag for strict implementation of CTA’s MBBS bond with selected Tibetan MBBS doctors to work under CTA health service for three years in return for reserved MBBS seats in India.They have submitted to serve under the Department of Health in compliance with the Central Tibetan Administration’s revised MBBS bond rules that allows for MBBS graduates to serve in the Tibetan community hospitals.

Health Kalon Dr. Tsering Wangchuk with Dr. Sanam Topgyal.

At present, there are 15 Tibetan medical students and interns studying in Indian Medical colleges at Bikaner, Shimla, Kangra and Kolkata who have signed the MBBS bond of Central Tibetan Administration. They have promised to provide 3 years service in DOH hospitals and health centers in Tibetan settlements as per legal terms and conditions of the bond after completion of their MBBS degree.

There are seven Tibetan MBBS doctors (three from Mundgod, and one each from Manali, Kollegal, Dharamsala and Nepal) who are yet to oblige with the terms and conditions of the CTA’s MBBS bond to provide their services to the Tibetan community..

The Kashag has approved reduction of obligatory service duration of CTA’s MBBS reserve seat bond from three years to two years for Tibetan doctors willing to work in remote settlements like Miao, Odisha, Mainpat, Ladakh, Bhandara, with effect from 21 July 2014.

The DOH still urgently needs at least six more Tibetan MBBS doctors in its hospitals and health centres of Miao, Bhandara, Ladakh, Hunsur, Pokhara(Nepal), and Ravangla.

The Department of Health administers and finances primary health care and medicare of Tibetans in exile in India, Nepal and Bhutan through a network of 7 hospitals, 43 primary health care centers and small clinics and Ngoenga School for Tibetan children with special needs at Dehradun, northern India.